Recruiting approaches

If you are an executive seeking a new opportunity or are simply interested in keeping your career on track, it is important to understand the different types of recruitment firms in order to know which may be relevant in helping you find your next role.

The following is a partial listing of types of recruitment companies and how they work.

  • Executive search (alternatively known as headhunting) firms, like ours, are retained by corporate clients to find the most suitable candidate to fill a particular role on a fee basis. Search is typically used for senior-level jobs, for which there is a smaller pool of appropriate, high-level candidates who can be identified and targeted and the search is exclusive to one firm.
  • If you are an executive seeking a new career challenge, approaching us would be useful to make the initial introduction and for us to gather information on your profile. Being involved on a day-to-day basis, we can also provide you with general information on the job market. Please keep in mind, as we receive many requests, we are unfortunately not always able to accommodate face-to-face meetings, but we do however maintain a database of all accepted CVs and this is where we always start our search.
  • Contingent recruitment implies that recruitment firms are compensated based on success. These firms develop extensive databases which are built as candidates register with them or through responses to advertisements. The recruiting firm may be one of many agencies trying to fill a particular role, and they rarely have an exclusive mandate. Typically these firms work on less senior roles.
  • Advertised selection takes place when a firm is retained by a client to advertise a position in various media to find candidates for a particular role. The firm hired by the corporate client will review the CVs received, interview the most relevant candidates and present a shortlist of relevant individuals to the client.
  • LinkedIn etc. Many companies advertise their open opportunities via their own website or job search portals; usually these are the less senior and less specialized roles. Candidate frustration can be high as this is perceived as a 'black box'.

As a first step in identifying potentially qualified candidates for a senior-level search assignment, we search our own database. We, therefore, invite you to register with us:

We will contact you only if an opportunity meeting your background and expectations arises. Please know that we will treat your CV with complete confidentiality. You can modify or delete your information any time, yourself, through the 'Not Actively Looking' platform.

Developing relationships with executive search consultants tends to take place over the course of a career and should be of benefit to both parties. Typically, a candidate's first contact with a search firm takes place when a consultant approaches the candidate about a specific search.

If you are contacted by a search firm for advice or information regarding a search assignment, it may be an ideal opportunity to begin a relationship with a search consultant. Even if you are not currently looking for new opportunities, you will already have a relationship with a search consultant when you are.

search process

Integrity in our interactions with both candidates and clients is a core value of our firm. Therefore you can be assured that we never share your details with a client without your advance agreement. Likewise, once you are a finalist candidate for a particular search, references are not contacted without your express prior consent.

In respect of business ethics, Lutz & Partners will not approach you for an opening as long as you are employed by one of our current clients or have been placed by us in that role. Furthermore, we are only able to present your candidature to one client at a time.

We are committed to equal opportunity for all candidates; our firm has a strong commitment to diversity and has an excellent track record in placing top female talent.


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